[…] Which is why I was shocked when I found out that years ago, Andrew W.K. held a public press conference after some bizarre legal trouble, later attributed to a blackmail-driven spat with a former friend and producer, where he announced that it was time to admit the Andrew W.K. persona was a fake character invented by him, his lawyer-professor father, and a record label. The entire thing was a cleverly planned piece of living theater that was meant to seem very real, but the ruse had gotten too large and complicated to maintain. He wasn’t even the first person cast in the “role” of Andrew W.K. But unlike Lana Del Rey, he is granted not only leeway, but an entirely new cultural importance.

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Doola made me do it. Dawla made me cry.

Jim Jarmusch poster set (2/3):
Night on Earth
Dead Man
Year of the Horse
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

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Rocket Raccoon #2

Rocket Raccoon #2

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